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Technology Round-Up – July 21, 2016

Determine Updates Cloud-based Contract and Source-to-Pay Platform

On July 18, Determine, Inc. (NASDAQ: DTRM), the Indiana-based provider of contract management and source-to-settle solutions for the cloud, announced several updates to Determine Cloud Platform, its SaaS-based enterprise contract lifecycle management and source-to-pay platform. Specific updates include new user interface (UI) / user experience (UX), which are said to incorporate mobile-friendly, social-collaborative features, as well as a multi-level workflow that ought to enhance user navigation throughout the platform. Other updates include a self-service contract management workflow that enables pre-approved users to built contacts using pre-approved templates, process them along designated workflows, and apply e-signatures. Data management is also a central part of its updated platform, which touts management of structured and unstructured data, along with compliance and visibility.

SciQuest Launches SciQuest Edge Purchasing Program

On June 12, North Carolina-based SciQuest, which offers automated spend management solutions for procurement practitioners, launched its SciQuest Edge purchasing program which is meant to optimize buyer-supplier relationships and incentivize participation via supplier discounts. SciQuest Edge is included with its eProcurement solution, and allows buyers to “request” that preferred suppliers be enabled on the platform and in turn offer the buyer a discount. It also enables participants to quickly onboard suppliers and bypass a sourcing event or contract negotiations in order to initiate a new trading partnership.

E2Open Unveils Demand Sensing Analytics, Collaborative Features with Release 16.3

On July 18, E2Open (NASDAQ: EOPN), a California-based provider of supply chain collaboration, planning, and execution solutions for the cloud, announced the newest iteration of Release 16.3, its supply chain management solution, featuring demand sensing, communication, and collaboration enhancements. Demand-sensing analytics will allow users to review past orders and exceptions to forecast future orders and conduct what-if scenario analyses. It will also foster collaboration between procurement/supply management sales teams. Release 16.3 also features sensing and planning tools that allow users to understand inventories and shelf lives across the supply chain, aided by simulation capabilities, which can help users optimize inventories and their supply chains. The new release is also said to foster collaboration between trading partners and enable users to analyze enterprise, supplier, and third-party data. Finally, Release 16.3 features an enhanced cloud platform with new “real-time” API based connectivity options that is also said to deliver enhanced security, scalability, and performance.

SAP Concur Partners with Uber for Business

On July 18, SAP, the parent company of travel and expense (T&E) management solution provider, Concurannounced that it is integrating its T&E platform with ridesharing company, Uber for Business, effective 4Q2016. Under the terms of the partnership, Concur users will have free access to Uber for Business, and their trip information will automatically be uploaded to the Concur platform. New users will automatically be onboarded, and returning users will continue to have their trip information automatically sent to their account. As a result of this partnership, Concur users will able to shift more of their ground transportation to Uber (currently at 7% of their overall transportation) and leverage Concur’s policy controls, savings performance, and trip summary dashboards for increased T&E visibility, management, compliance, and ultimately savings realization over traditional ground transportation options.


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