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UPCOMING WEBINAR: Gauging the Future of Contingent Workforce Management

Join Ardent Partners’ Research Director and VP of Research, Christopher J. Dwyer, along with DCR Workforce, for a complimentary webinar on December 5 at 1 PM EST on The State of Contingent Workforce Management: Insights into the Future of Work…and Beyond (click to register).

Ten years ago, very few organizations across the globe perceived non-employee labor as a catalyst for success and growth. Even though some industries (such as marketing, design, advertising, and even utilities/energy) have routinely relied on contingent workers for mission-critical projects for years, the recent rise of utilization of non-employee talent, combined with the impact of Gig Economy-led thinking, have forced enterprises to reimagine their total workforce, especially as the numbers continue to surge (new Ardent research finds that 40% of the average company’s workforce is considered non-employee).

In 2017, the modern non-employee workforce is a competitive differentiator, a talent-based asset that actively contributes to crucial organizational endeavors and drives value across the entire enterprise. Talented freelancers and independent contractors are leveraged for their industry expertise. Professional services are engaged to help drive important projects. And, hiring managers and business executives continue to tap into online and on-demand staffing to find talent in real-time.

All of these aspects contribute to the continued evolution of contingent workforce management (CWM), which, with the progression of core and newer platforms associated with this industry (from VMS to blockchain), are actively building a foundation for a new world of work. Join me for a DCR Workforce-sponsored and hosted webinar on Tuesday, December 5, at 1pm ET that will not only highlight brand new findings from the 2017-2018 edition of Ardent’s annual State of Contingent Workforce Managementresearch study, but will also deep-dive into topics such as:

  • Why the continued consumerization of business is a gamechanger for CWM.
  • How VMS will continue to be a groundswell of seamless automation within the new world of work.
  • The structure of the Best-in-Class CWM program.
  • The impact of new innovations, particularly artificial intelligence and machine learning, on not only the world of work, but also short-term outlooks for today’s contingent workforce programs.
  • Why “agility” is the main driver of all new enhancements to today’s CWM programs, and;
  • An in-depth look at Ardent’s new “Future of Work Framework,” a three-tiered “blueprint” for thriving in a new world of work.

Register for next week’s webinar here, which will also include an exclusive outlook for 2018 and some insights into how CWM program leaders, HR and human capital leaders, and procurement professionals should approach a critical new year in business history.


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