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Media/Events for Ardent Partners

Ardent’s panel of recognized thought leaders present their compelling research and deep insights using an approach that is designed to engage, challenge, and educate their audience. Our presentations are well-constructed and well-delivered. They are also educational, original, high­ly-informative, and interesting. Our analysts are professional, engaging, and easy to work with but, most of all, they love to participate in live events and webinars. To request an appearance or participation by an Ardent analyst at your event or webinar or to be interviewed, please complete the form located here.

Andrew BartoliniManaging Partner & Chief Research Officer (seen below), is a much sought-after presenter, having lectured and presented more than 250 times in eight different countries. He actively covers the technology marketplace as well as trends in sourcing, procurement, supply management, and accounts payable. Andrew has been published or quoted in leading business publications including The Wall Street JournalBusiness WeekInvestor’s Business DailyForbesFortune, and many others, including the major industry publications focused on supply management. Watch Andrew’s recent mainstage presentation from an event in Europe in the Fall of 2015.

Christopher J. Dwyer, Research Director is considered a premier thought leader in the world of supply management and a renowned expert in complex spend management (sometimes referred to as ‘services procurement’) including contingent workforce management, travel and expense management, telecom expense management, and meetings/events management. He is prolific source of insights and best practices and an ‘ardent’ evangelist in the evolution of complex spend management. Over the last decade, Christopher has published hundreds of research reports and interviewed, advised, and/or benchmarked thousands of supply management executives on how to improve their complex spend management programs.

2016 Calendar of Appearances, Events, Interviews, Etc.

December 15 – AP Automation 2017: The Next Level in Strategy & Innovation – Webinar (Corcentric)

December 8 – Sourcing and Procurement: The 2016-2017 Technology and Innovation Outlook – Webinar (Zycus)

November 10 – Trends in Digital Transformation in Procurement – Network Live (SAP Ariba)

November 10 – Navigating the Future of External Workforce Management – Webinar (SAP Fieldglass)

November 9 – CPO Roundtable: Strategies to Engage the CFO and Make Spend Management a Business Imperative - Webinar (Coupa)

November 3 - Transforming Procurement through Agility, Collaboration, Technology & Real-Time Data – Webinar (Vinimaya)

November 2 – Adapting to a New World of Work: The Current State of Contingent Workforce Management – Webinar (DCR Workforce)

October 27 - ePayables: 2016/17 Technology & Innovation Outlook – Webinar (Perfect Commerce)

October 27 – Key Strategies for Success in Managing Your Non-Employee Workforce Program – IQN Community Forum (IQNavigator)

October 23-25 – The Supply Management Tech and Innovation Outlook for 2017 – Zycus Horizon

September 27 – Transforming Accounts Payable for the 21st Century: Automation, Intelligence, and Talent – Webinar (Concur)

August 18 – Procurement 2020: A Strategy Checklist for the Decade Ahead – Webinar (Basware)

July 26 – How AP Departments Can Maximize ROI and Efficiencies in 2016 – Webinar (AvidXchange)

June 29 – ePayables 2016: Eyes on the Prize – Webinar (Zycus)

June 23 – Unlocking Cash with Supply Chain Finance – Webinar (Kyriba)

June 23 – The Future of Procurement Analytics: How to Get Big Value from Big Data – Webinar (Tamr)

May 26 - It Pays to Pay Electronically: What Does Paperless Mean to You? - Webinar (Determine)

May 25 - CPO Rising 2016: The Art and Science of Procurement – Webinar (SAP Ariba)

May 17 - Contingent Workforce Management and the On-Demand Enterprise – Webinar (Work Market)

May 3 - Procurement Software GPS: Strategies to Navigate Today’s (and Tomorrow’s) Technology Landscape – Webinar (GEP)

April 27 - Payments New Power Couple: Treasury & AP Unite – Webinar (Bottomline)

April 20 - The Future of Talent: Where is Work Headed in 2016…and Beyond? – Webinar (FieldNation)

April 12 - Voice of the CPO: Highlights from the CPO Summit – (Webinar)

April 1 - When “moneyball” meets procurement - CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly

March 30 - Start Me Up: Managing Risk and a Global Supply Chain – Blog Post (Perfect Commerce)

March 30 - To beat odds, procurement officers should focus on value, not cost –


March 23 - Savings and Risk: The Rise of Analytics for Procurement – Webinar (Determine)

March 17 - Growth, Globalization, and Complexity: Tackling Today’s Top Procurement Challenges - Webinar (Perfect Commerce)

March 16 – NO PO, No Problem! Strategies for Ensuring Contract Compliance – Ariba Live

March 15 – The Art and Science of Procurement – (Executive Forum) Ariba Live

March 2 - The State of Contingent Workforce Management: What’s on Tap for 2016? - Webinar (ZeroChaos)

February 25 - B2B e-payments: 5 Strategies to Unlock Value in your Procure-to-Pay Chain - Webinar (SAP Ariba)

February 10 - The Network Effect: How B2B Networks Can Impact AP - Webinar (Oildex)

February 3 - Herding Cats is not a Strategy: Move Beyond Tactics to Align for Success - Webinar (SciQuest)

January 28 - Procurement 2016: Big Trends and Predictions - Webinar (Beeline)

January 27 - CPO Game Changer Series Volume 3: People, Process, and Communication - Webinar (Zycus)

January 21 – State of CWM 2016 – Webinar (Fieldglass)

January 12 - Accounts Payables 2016 Predictions - Podcast

X -

2015 Calendar of Appearances, Events, Interviews, Etc.

December 15 – 5 Transformative Strategies to Unlock More Procurement Value – Webinar - New!

November 19 – New and Improved Technology: The Key to Next Level Procurement Performance – Webinar

November 18 – Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Innovative Solutions and Strategies for Better Contract Management – Webinar

November 10 - The 2016 State of Contingent Workforce Management – Webinar

November 4 – Digging Deep: Leveraging Contract Analytics to Uncover Hidden Costs, Risks, and Opportunity – Webinar

October 22 – The State of Strategic Sourcing 2015: Supplier-Centric Sourcing - Webinar

October 22 – 3 Steps to Best-in-Class Payables – Webinar

October 20 – The Four Pillars of Sourcing Success – Webinar

October 13 – Managing Supply Risk is not Mission Impossible – iValua ON AIR (Paris)

October 5 – The State of Strategic Sourcing 2015 – Zycus Horizon 2015 (Georgia)

September 23 – Global Compliance Management and the Evolution of the Contingent Workforce – Webinar

September 10 – Getting a Competitive Edge with eSourcing: The Evolution from Savings Focused to Supplier-Centric Strategic Sourcing- Webinar

August 26 – Secrets for Mastering the Art of SOW Management – Webinar

July 30 - Treasure Trove: The Rising Role of Treasury in AP – Webinar

July 29 – CPO Game Changer Series: Early Engagement – Webinar

July 21How Best-in-Class Finance Leaders Optimize Their AP Performance – Webinar

July 16 – The Evolution of AP in 2015: Making an Impact – Webinar

June 17 – Collaborative Procurement: Using Relationships to Drive Influence and Results – Webinar

June 9 – Closing the Procure-to-Pay Loop: How AP Drives Strategic Savings and Compliance to Procurement – Ariba LIVE (Munich)

June 9 – Procurement 2015: Benchmarking the Best-in-Class – Ariba LIVE (Munich)

June 3 – State of Strategic Sourcing in 2015: The Four Pillars of Sourcing Success – Scanmarket Sourcing Exclusive (London)

June 2 – Building the Next-Generation Contingent Workforce Management Program

May 19 – ePayables 2015: Higher Ground – Avid Xchange’s Revolution 2015 (Costa Mesa)

May 14 – Procurement 2015: Benchmarking the Best-in-Class – Webinar

May 13 – The Future of Procurement Panel – IBM Empower Conference (San Diego)

May 6 – Expanding the CPO Sphere of Influence Beyond Procurement – SAPPHIRE (Orlando)

May 4 – CPO Rising 2015 – What’s Next – ISM 2015 (Phoenix)

April 29 – Automating Accounts Payable: What You Need to Know – Webinar

April 22 – CPO Rising 2015, The Agility Agenda (Part 2) – Webinar

April 16 – Accounts Payable: Top Trends for 2015 – Webinar

April 9 - Executive Forum: Key Purchase-to-Pay Issues Panel Discussion – Ariba LIVE 2015 (Las Vegas)

April 8 – Proven Strategies for Automating Your Accounts Payable Operations – Ariba LIVE 2015 (Las Vegas)

March 31 – CPO Rising 2015, The Agility Agenda – Webinar

March 5 – The Future of Procurement – Procurement Innovator’s Dinner (London)

February 19 – Sailing Downstream: Why Source-to-Settle Defines Procurement Transformation in 2015 – Webinar

February 19 – Secrets of World-Class AP Departments: Best Practices in AP Automation -Webinar

February 18 – Collaborative Contract Management: Procurement’s Role in Enhancing Compliance and Mitigating Risk – Webinar

February 17Complex Spend Management: Best Practices in Contingent Workforce ManagementWebinar

February 13 – ePayables 2015: State of the Market – Ameriquest Symposium

February 12 – ePayments Webinar: Big Trends & Predictions for 2015 – Webinar

January 29 – Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Find on the Mind –

January 29 – B2B Payment in the Networked Age – Webinar

January 15 – What’s Trending: Managing Your External Workforce in 2015 – Webinar

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