Research Coverage & Methodology


Ardent Partners focuses its research on defining, advancing, and promoting the supply management strategies, processes, and technologies that drive business value and accelerate organizational transformation within the enterprise. Our coverage of process and technology map traditionally map to the procurement and accounts payable departments of an enterprise and include:

Our research has two primary tracks:

(1) Ardent’s Technology Research is designed to help business decision-makers navigate the marketplace to understand (1) the underlying business value that can be derived from an investment in technology and (2) the surest and most direct approaches to attaining that value. We believe our analysts’ first-hand experience evaluating, developing, packaging, deploying, and using supply management solutions on behalf of enterprises in the Global 2000 and public sector differentiates our team from all other analyst firms and researchers in the supply management marketplace.

(2) Ardent’s Thought Leadership Research provides deep and penetrating views into business operations and offers an unparalleled set of ideas, benchmarks, case studies, and recommendations that will help supply management leaders advance their agendas. This research draws from interviews, surveys, and ongoing discussions with leading supply management practitioners as well as the direct experience and analysis of Ardent Partners' team of analysts.


Ardent Partners follows a rigorous research process born from years of market research experience conducted in the supply management market. Ardent’s approach in covering the supply management solutions market is surprisingly simple, yet revolutionary – there’s no “magic” involved. Our process is to….

  • Take Experts who have worked for years with leading practitioners and solution providers to define the industry benchmarks that explain how Best-in-Class organizations utilize technology in support of their business strategies and processes.
  • Apply a rigorous end-user perspective that has been drawn from interviews, discussions, and surveys of thousands of end-user organizations.
  • Create research and tools that can help organizations make smarter decisions and investments.
  • Publish research that is independent, actionable, accessible, and affordable.