CPO Rising 2011: Innovative Ideas for the Decade Ahead


REPORT AUTHOR: Andrew Bartolini, Chief Research Officer (27 pages)
Innovation is such a wonderfully powerful word and such a wonderfully broad concept. Innovation can be complex; but, it can also be simple. Given the level of organizational maturity, it is no surprise that most procurement-led innovation today focuses on the incremental; but, the reality is that many of the enterprise’s larger, longer-term opportunities will depend on how well procurement identifies and drives innovation within the enterprise and across the supply chain.
While the theme of this report is procurement-led innovation, this groundbreaking research report presents a comprehensive, industry-wide view into what is happening in the world of procurement today by drawing on the experience, performance, and perspective of nearly 250 Chief Procurement Officers and other procurement executives.
The report is organized into the following chapters:
Chapter One – The State of the CPO: This chapter looks at the evolution of the role of the Chief Procurement Officer and its increasing prominence in business today as well as the motivations and internal and external drivers that shape procurement leaders’ priorities and plans this year and beyond.
Chapter Two – The State of Procurement: This chapter offers an assessment of the general progress of the average procurement function by analyzing its people, process, and technology. It also introduces the Ardent Partners Procurement Competency Matrix that establishes industry-wide capability measures for the average procurement organization.
Chapter Three – Procurement Performance: This chapter provides procurement performance and operational benchmark statistics and a profile of Best-in-Class performers and their distinguishing characteristics.
Chapter Four – Procurement-led Innovation: This chapter highlights the innovative ideas that procurement organizations are using to find and drive value from new sources in new and creative ways.
Chapter Five – Strategies for Success: This chapter presents a series of recommended strategies and approaches for CPOs and procurement departments seeking to improve their performance.
This quote and case-study rich report is the definitive "State of the Procurement Market" report for 2011 and required reading for all CPOs and other procurement executives.

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