Becoming a CPO: Qualifications, Experience, and Characteristics


Was $499, now $299.

REPORT AUTHOR: Andrew Bartolini, Chief Research Officer

It is an interesting time to be working in procurement; perhaps, more interesting than in any other era. This is true across all industries and regions of the world. Business and product cycles continue to collapse placing greater pressure on all companies to make better decisions faster. For many, the speed of change within business is magnified by the volatility found in their supply markets. Globalization and innovation have allowed companies to develop new products, enter new markets, and increase sales, but they have also made things increasingly complex for procurement leaders around the globe. Leading Chief Procurement Officers are not sitting on the sidelines. They are in the middle of the action and they are, to be certain, making an impact. This report looks at the key qualifications, experience, and characteristics needed to ascend to the role of Chief Procurement Officer today.

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