ePayables SMARTSet™: RFP Template for AP Automation


REPORT AUTHOR: Vishal Patel, Research Director (8 sheet Excel Workbook)
Preparing a Request for Proposal ("RFP") for Accounts Payable (“AP”) automation requires a significant amount of knowledge and understanding as to the technologies, capabilities and services that are available in the marketplace and how specific solutions match the organization's specific budget and requirements. This interactive research tool will help enterprises clearly define their requirements and organize them into a comprehensive and well-structured Request for Proposal, including the most critical questions that should be asked.

The template includes eight worksheets with detailed instructions and user guides that make it easy to use and configure the RFP Template to the organization’s exact requirements. Each section is designed to draw detailed and accurate responses from each ePayables solution provider and allow you to evaluate and compare responses and ultimately select the best-fit solution for your organization. This RFP is appropriate for any organization that is considering the automation all of part of the AP process (invoice receipt, invoice processing and/or invoice payment) and will greatly accelerate the development of either an RFP or Request for Information ("RFI".

Note: This RFP Template is the third document in Ardent Partners' ePayables SMARTSet

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