ePayables SMARTSet™: AP Automation Deployment Best Practices


REPORT AUTHOR: Vishal Patel, Research Director (14 pages )
The solution selection process has multiple steps and can be difficult and lengthy. Whether at the beginning stage of the solution selection process (e.g., making a business case) or going through a solution deployment this document highlights a collection of best practices drawn from Best-in-Class practitioners around the deployment and subsequent usage of AP automation and the insights of Ardent’s experienced analyst team.

And, once an ePayables (or AP Automation) solution is selected, the returns generated from it are far from guaranteed. The goal of this document is to help AP departments optimize their returns on an investment in AP solutions by sharing key strategies and best practices that can lead to a more successful ePayables / AP automation initiative.

Note: This Best Practices Guide is the fifth and final document in Ardent Partners' ePayables SMARTSet

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