CPO Rising 2012 - 2013: Keeping Score


REPORT AUTHOR: Andrew Bartolini, Chief Research Officer
Scoring procurement performance can be as complex and nuanced as the value that the function delivers; linking that performance to overall business objectives and results can be even more difficult. Nonetheless, it is incumbent upon CPOs to “keep score” of their team’s performance and use that opportunity to develop a set of metrics that can help procurement departments prioritize and focus their resources, track and improve their performance, and communicate how their work and results support enterprise objectives and what they plan to achieve in the future.
This four chapter, twenty-six page report looks at procurement performance measurement and the strategies that different CPOs and enterprises use to score it. The report also captures the experience, performance, perspective, and intentions of more than 270 Chief Procurement Officers and other procurement executives and includes case studies, benchmarks, and recommendations that procurement leaders can use to score their group’s performance and improve upon it
This quote and case-study rich report is the definitive State of Procurement Report for 2011 and a required reading for all CPOs and other procurement executives.
As a profession, procurement is on a winning streak, but its continued momentum is not a foregone conclusion. CPOs and other procurement executives must conti.nue to promote progressive strategies across their organizations, seek innovative ideas from multiple sources, and model Best-in-Class programs. This report will help procurement leaders do just that

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