Procurement in the Year Ahead: Big Trends & Predictions for 2016


REPORT AUTHOR: Andrew Bartolini, Chief Research Officer

The procurement industry is constantly evolving and shifting, forcing supply management professionals across the globe to prepare for change and respond to rapid innovation in supply markets, changing dynamics in both business and regulatory environments, as well as the generally increasing speed of commerce. 2015 saw advances in global interconnectivity, the increased importance of the supply chain, the continued rise of “extended” and non-employee labor, and new and exciting platforms that are revolutionizing the procurement function.

In 2016, procurement departments, their operations, culture, and systems, the way in which they transform knowledge into strategies and those strategies into performance, must all keep pace. In the age of innovation, procurement agility will define market leadership. This report, as with all of Ardent’s research, is a culmination of the years spent by our analyst team both working in and researching the procurement industry. This report is designed to help Chief Procurement Officers, sourcing executives, category managers, or other procurement staffers better prepare for 2016.

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